Friday, March 16, 2007

On the Phone with Dad and his Computer - 1:30:12

"How can I see Tom's YouTube movies?"

"Ohhhh. It's You... like the second person pronoun."

"Ok. Well, I have to subscribe. Looks like I need a user name. I'm going to try FDR."

"What's this 'word verification safety feature?'"

"Jeez. Now I need to enter my user name all over again. How do you work this word verification feature? They sure make this complicated."

"After all that, it said the FDR user name is taken. I'm going to try yz2526. Do you think anyone else has that user name? It's the last two letters of the alphabet, letters 25 and 26. I think I'll remember that. I'm surprised no one else has this user name."

"This is the seventh time I'm trying to overcome the word verification feature. After this, I'm done. Is this an i or a t? The line is crossing underneath. What do you think?"

"Wait. I already saw this video. Why does it say zero plays?"

"Yeah, I can get back to this page. It's in my history."

"In 1999, I took some pictures of when we skiied to the top of High Point but I can't find them. Have you seen them around anywhere?"
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