Sunday, July 01, 2007

Me and My iPhone

Good bye Verizon. Say hello to my little friend.

Tom cleverly selected the least-cool apple store location and shuttlecocked over there in the am. Flawless planning resulted in the victorious capture of two devices. Tom ripped the wrapper off his magical new iPhone and spent the rest of the day loading up his contacts and organizing them with single-minded vigor.

My contacts, calendar and address book remain in despicable disarray. My unruly fingers derailed all the best intentions. Tragically, I found myself riding on the iPhone short bus.

I did manage to amuse myself endlessly flipping through my album covers and zooming in on web pages, a cravable trick Andrew clued us into late in the day. It was like catching lightening in a bottle. Too bad I had already sprained my distal
phalanges pursuing a lot of fruitless screen poking, which is my first-line ploy for overcoming every manner of iphone pickle.

Yah! We have iphones!

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