Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Meme-oriable Meme

Meta-Dad, my memesis, has tagged me for a meme. His own seven things were pretty well thought out. Suspiciously so. Honestly I think he's been secretly jotting notes for months, waiting for someone to tag him so he can BAM. Trot out his seven chin-rubbers like it was effortless.

This is what I say:
  1. Seven is a lucky number, so I'm up for this. Three and five are also lucky numbers. Three is the most lucky, followed by seven and then five. Eleven is another lucky number, although counter-intuitively, the number one is not particularly lucky when it presents alone.
  2. is probably not the email address of a Series 9001 Delta Core Artificial Lifeform. My skepticism blossomed when the reply to my handshake email calculated the stocastic probability heuristics of me of being an inferior chatterbot at 83%. Plus he called me a nerfherder. This is not the sort of language I'd think you could expect from a machine who allegedly passed the Turing Test in 2 minutes and possesses an IQ of 10,001.
  3. My great-great grandmother, Bubba Cherry Street, had an apartment on the Lower East Side. She went through a series of husbands. Maybe six. One day she climbed up a step ladder to accomplish something handy and her daughter came in and stabbed her and stole her pearl necklace.
  4. It took me twenty years to figure out that my mother did not, in fact, take Perky Puppy to "live on a farm in the country" after he peed on her oriental carpet.
  5. I used to speak Swedish fluently but every year that goes by, I forget more. Sometimes I'll randomly find myself waiting for the light to change beside some Swedish tourist family and I will devote myself to eavesdropping on their conversation.
  6. Tom and I are deeply into the first season of Heros. The TV show. We are renting the DVDs from Netflix. Skyler was cutting off Peter Petrelli's head right before "to be continued" ended the episode and now we have to wait for the next disk to show up. Luckily, Tom exhibited the foresight he is well known for and returned the Weeds disk yesterday, so we should find out Peter's fate by Friday.
  7. We have two matching corduroy couches. They were in our house when we moved in. Sometimes when we have parties we drag them out on the deck for a truly decadent affair.
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