Saturday, November 24, 2007

Dad : Suburban Treasure Hunter

Tom, Mom and I step out for a six-mile foot tour of the Randolph hood with Dad, Suburban Treasure Hunter:

"Look, I found a piece of copper pipe. It was right here on the side of the road under some leaves."

"I'm going to take this pipe down to Viozzi's Recycling and sell it. A couple weeks ago, I sold a copper elbow pipe. I got three dollars and nineteen cents for it."

"Copper is pricey these days. There's a shortage. This pipe is a lot longer than an elbow pipe. It should go for some sheckle. Maybe five, six bucks."

"It's funny. When I carry this pipe, the cars really take a wide berth."

"I've decided I'm not going to take my copper pipe into the porta-john with me. I'll lay it down over here in the grass. Keep an eye out and make sure no one takes it."
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