Sunday, December 09, 2007

Rutgers University Big Chill 5k 2007 : Running with Randy Stine

We got up at the crack of seven AM. Practically. And we were out the door as soon our to-go cups sloshed with coffee. Randy Stine* and I.

Tom was going to sit this one out. He was hellbent to maintain his record-breaking streak. In every race so far, for all time, he's run a personal best. The kid just keeps getting faster and faster. So my brother's plan for today bunched up his knickers.

Sethie recruited us to run on the RU Facilities Racing Team and the idea was to run together. Meaning I'm the lowest common denominator. And Tom wasn't about to blow his harefooted laurels on a stacey-speed trot in the park. So he broke out his incognito alter-ego, Randy Stine, to participate.

Randy has a predilection to sign up for competitors' mailing lists and engage in other nefarious activities that Tom doesn't want to have any part of. Including running nine minute miles.

So I embarked on the 3.2 mile adventure with Sethie and Randy, my two escorts. I don't know what Tom did all day. Meanwhile, Mary and her medal-winning Mom loaded up the Big Chill's littlest racers - Jack and Ella, into the double stroller. They pulled a Rosie Ruiz, otherwise known as Mexican Presidential Candidate and skipped the whole middle of the course. I think they're going to have to confess eventually.

SRating: Scenic course with good terrain, well organized event. Invigorating to dust college students half one's age. Plentiful, although not excessively encouraging, volunteers. Cheer for the runners, people!

*Randy Stine is not Tom's real alias. Name changed to protect the not particularly innocent.
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