Saturday, May 30, 2009

Found! Data for Future Taxidermic Analysis

Date: 5/10/09 20:17
Found: One 3/8" steel ring washer at corner of Wolvenstraat and Hartenstraat, Amsterdam Canal District
Current Status: On dresser originally belonging to Alma Dick, 4 Colonial Court

: 5/17/09 19:11
Found: Galvanized hub bolt and washer assembly from undercarriage of large vehicle, in puddle at corner of Madison and 58th Street
Current Status: Top drawer of sideboard, 4 Colonial Court

: 5/25/09 17:20
Found: One dime and four pennies, parking lot by jungle gym, Riverbend Condominium Complex, New Brunswick
Current Status: Dime in possession of Nuchie T., four pennies, whereabouts currently unknown.
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