Friday, August 14, 2009

Movies II: Dad’s Top Three Favorite War Movies

  1. Dirty Dozen
  2. Guns of Navarone
  3. Stalag 17
  4. Great Escape
  5. Bridge over River Kwai
    Also applauds MAD magazine version featuring Sesua HayaKawa as the bucket, and Alec Guiness as the General
  6. The Desert Rats -
    Plot Synopsis: Rommel chases a small group of Americans (just a regiment) and surrounds them at a mission. The Americans hold out and the Germans run out of water. Really the Americans are out of water too, but to demoralize the thirsty Germans, the Americans go on top of the mission pretending to take baths and fake sudsing themselves up.

    Finally the Germans get fed up and lob a bomb into the mission. Ironically, the bomb blasts out a well inside the mission walls and the water started gushing up.

    So then the Americans capture a Sherman tank and defeat the Germans. They march out 500 german prisoners with their arms crossed over their heads.

  7. I never saw Kelly’s Heros so it can’t be one of my top three. I do know they go to steal some gold and it has something to do with Donald Sutherland.
  8. The original m*a*s*h
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