Sunday, August 07, 2011

Is there a 3 foot tall doctor in the house with a solid right hook?

Scene: Ella and Jackson’s 4th Birthday party at the community pool. Shallow end. Bright afternoon sunshine.

Three chubby-cheeked girls in flouncy pink bathing suits cluster over a soggy stuffed dog with mangy tan fur. The dog has been laid out on miniature boogie board near the edge of the water.

Little Girl 1: “The doggie wants to go swimming!”
Little Girl 2: (Hands on hips). “No he doesn’t. That dog is dead.”
Little Girl 3: “Quick! Maybe we can do CPR!”
(Plucks off Ariel Princess Ring from forefinger, starts pounding the drenched stuffed animal on and about the chest and head.)

Tan colored water sluices from patient, fur barely visible under earnest paramedic wallops.
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