Sunday, November 13, 2011

Meeting Minutes: Scandinavian Club : November 12, 2011

Scandinavian Club owes a sincere debt of gratitude to, a hardwood-floored, brick-walled shared office space off of Canal Street where Scandinavians, pretend Scandinavians, beanbag chairs and the corduroy-clad feel right at home. If you are a freelancer or a startup in need of office space, you should go there to work because too much time in Starbucks causes systemic Tourettes.

Meeting called to order at 16:30 EST.

Tom was the first to arrive at the November S.C. gathering, invited despite a Swedish vocabulary limited to "kräftskiva," "tack," "skål," and "köttbullar." Besides being terribly handsome, he is also good at moving around furniture. Other early arrivals included Klaas Pieter, who speaks a Swedish dialect that sounds suspiciously like Dutch.

Since it is November, not December, no Partridges or Pear Trees attended the festivities last eve, but Haley gave us some tasty Chicken and Tangerine Fruit instead. Lucky for us, we were able to easily find her to extend our thanks for her time, effort and expense. This may have proven considerably more difficult had she worn her gorgeous new hardwood-floor patterned outfit, stayed low and crept about stealthily.

Also as would be expected, no Turtle Doves, Pipers, Drummers, Maids-a-Milking, Colly Birds or Geese-a-Laying put in an appearance but unseasonably, at least one Lady attempted the salsa which probably counts as Dancing and there were confirmed reports of Lauras-a-Leaping.

We were happy to see Hannah and her sisters, as well as Hanna and her Cupcakes. Unbeknownst to Alex, he may need to marry shortly on behalf of the greater good and to lock down our supply of homemade baked goods. Should nuptials come to pass, odds favor our groom in sporty orange tone-on-tone alter gear.

With latent respect for the recent passing of 11|11|11, the day that looks the most like corduroy, ever, we felt a measure of despair when a virile gentleman descended upon us clothed in an admittedly rather dapper purple velvet jacket. After it was mentioned that velvet is oft called "the poor man's corduroy," (hail the wale), the gentleman vehemently disagreed. He informed bystanders that his purple velvet accouterment had set him back an astonishing and clearly impressive $700. I am uncertain whether this sum included state and city taxes, shipping, handling, and/or any other requite fees or duties.

To be frank, I was far more impressed by Art's socks, which if you didn't notice, coordinated with his scarf. I applaud a carefree, sock-conscious ensemble.

Near the end of the evening, Zack contended that it is difficult to learn to brew absinthe if one is absinthe from absinthe class. It was very funny at the time. Earlier in the day, Zack and Eric had attended the Chocolate Fair but neither owns enough cats to have stayed at the fair very long or fully understand chocolate etiquette or chocolate culture.

Meeting adjourned 23:15 EST.

Thanks much to Fredrick for the venue of champions, everyone who came, everyone who did their part and donated a paltry $5, and everyone who brought something to share. See you next month!