Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Keynote 5 Review, As uploaded to Apple's Feedback Link

Dear Apple,

Maybe you think you are making my life easier with these automatic backups and lack of a "Save As" option, but in actuality, you are causing me to go insane.

Every presentation I give is a variation of an earlier one. So my workflow is this: open up the deck I presented last week to a prospect with the filename "Deck for Mary Smith," begin to edit it for Sam Jones, save-as the new deck "Deck for Sam Jones."

Except with the new Keynote, this workflow is impossible.

As the lesser of evils, I selected the workflow option to make an automatic backup of the deck I open up. So as a first step in the new workflow you've forced on me, I have two files: one named "Deck for Mary Smith"  and the other named "Deck for Mary Smith-backup." Except the "Deck for Mary Smith-backup" is actually the deck I presented to Mary Smith, and the "Deck for Mary Smith" is actually the deck I want to present to Sam Jones.

I can't "save as" to rename a file in Keynote. So I have to remember to close Keynote and go into the finder to rename the "Deck for Mary Smith" as "Deck for Sam Jones." If I forget, I wind up with a complete cluster on multiple levels.

Besides the mis-named file problem, here's another problem. Say I'm still working on the deck for Mary Smith, but I have to take a break. I leave and open up the file again. Now there's a "Deck for Mary Smith" and a "Deck for Mary Smith backup." I'm doing a lot of things at once. How am I supposed to remember if the "Deck for Mary Smith backup" is actually the final deck I presented to Mary Smith (see above example) and the "Deck for Mary Smith" is actually the deck I edited for someone else, or whether, in this case, the backup is actually a genuine backup?


Before you say, "oh just remember to duplicate a deck in the finder before you begin to edit it?" please reconsider. Why should I hang post it notes all over my office to remind  myself to take an unnecessary step because this new workflow you are forcing on me does not work for me, at all?

And do not suggest to turn off the automatic backup option. I lost about 5 decks by inadvertently editing them before realizing I just overwrote a final file and lost it.

I am so disgruntled about this and it is wreaking such havoc that even though I very much like the functionality of keynote, I'm realizing this might just be a deal breaker.
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