Sunday, February 02, 2014

Who hasn't woken up the day after with a glittery dragon tattoo?

The first thing I noticed were Megan's special blue cocktails. The stemware twinkled blue. And everybody wore blue.  The evening was bona fide, especially after Shannon expertly stuck a blue dragon glitter tattoo on my forearm. Although I've never had a book signing thrown for me before, I can state with some confidence that it will probably be all downhill from here.

Fyire Blue cocktail at Megan's

Three days later, over by the bench presses at the gym, a big dude in a doo-rag asked if he could take a closer look at my dragon tattoo. He studied it carefully and asked a lot of "how to" questions. I felt like I was on some kind of sweaty arts-and-crafts show where the next segment would feature "quarterbacks who crochet" or how to trompe-l'œil a hunting blind.

Looking all tough guy at the gym with my
3-day-old Dragon Glitter Tattoo

I guess I shouldn't have been surprised after what happened Saturday night. We wedged ourselves in one of those slightly seedy clubs in the LES watching a new band. I stood near Karen, whose arms are bathed in some pretty intricate ink. She was in the army.

In a fast, yet very unstealthy maneuver, Karen reached over and poked my forearm with the tips of her fingers. I was like WTF? She shrugged. Just wondered what it felt like, this glittery curiosity.
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