Sunday, November 01, 2015

Diary of a Geriatric Scarlet: November 1, 2050

I always thought i would live out my golden years on the upper east side. That’s where the oldies go, after all. But frankly, I don’t like the grand dame uniform up there. Light blue frocks bring out my age spots. Prissy pumps show off my bunions. And anybody who deploys a sibilant ’s’ is dead to me. 

Thirty years ago, in the 2020’s, we bought a building downtown, right on the corner of Greenwich and 8th Ave. It’s high-ceiling affair and my library overlooks the street. I like to sit in my Barcelona chair - i had it reupholstered in velvet - and watch the young people scurrying around on the sidewalk below. They’re so busy, these young people. It all looks so willy nilly from where I sit.

These old bones haven’t done willy nilly in years. I deliberate before I dress for the out-of-doors. I consider my options before I cross a street, just in case it can be proven unnecessary.  


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