Monday, November 14, 2016

Do not underestimate the power of lip balm

I like lip balm. Usually I have a vast array of tubes strategically positioned at home and in the office, handbag, backpack, pockets and tucked into the blankets of our bed. It's a lovely surprise when a Blistex rolls over your forehead in the middle of the night or you wake up in the morning with a tube stuck to your calf. So handy. Who cares if it leaves a mark.

This Silk and Shine is silky, I'll grant you. It's not overly shiny and it's not my highest pick for moisturizing properties. You need to reapply way too often.

Silk and Shine by Blistex.
EOS is a decent balm, but kind of a scam. The product does not go to the bottom of the egg. It's a plop of balm perched atop a sort of plastic grate. When you're midway through the plop, the egg gets unwieldy. It's like scratching your face with a ball. 

EOS Lip Egg. The best flavor is the pink one.
But I'd go with the vanilla tube if given a choice.

I'm sure everybody has four nasty-ass Lip Balms from last season affixed to the bottoms of their ski jacket pockets.

4 Nasty-Ass Lip Balms. One of them is from Canada.

I might have had nice things to say about this Blistex Five Star Lip Protection, but it melted in the car. Maybe it's good that it melted. When lip balm does not melt, I assume it is made of ingredients that do not exist in the natural world.


Burt's Bees often has the tensile strength of iron ore.  Lip balm is unsatisfactory when a swipe of it pulls your lips right off your face. Lip balm should offer moisturization, not a way to jowl in slow motion.

Burt's Bees often has the tensile strength of iron ore.

Regular Blistex you can always count on. I like the tingle, very fresh.

Regular Blistex is worth it. Nice tingle

I bought the Soft Lips on Amazon. Won't do that again. It's pencil thin and I couldn't tell from the product photos online. Applying lip balm should not require excessive back and forth motions. It's exhausting.

Badger brand is occasionally great, and occasionally not great. It's a risk. Take it if you're a gambler. Every flavor is it's own little flower of diversity.

Generic Walgreens Lip Balm is made from the same substance as those fake wax lips you can get with or without vampire teeth. I especially enjoy the cherry flavor, which tastes like maraschino cherries and the wax scraped off wax paper.

Soft Lips, Badger Balm and Generic Walgreens Lip Balm

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