Monday, November 21, 2016

Things I am Dealing with Right Now

  • Counting the bass amps on and about the premises. 
    • Are there enough amps for band night?
    • Can you plug a guitar into a bass amp? 
  • Dealing with the glögg situation
    • Swedish Club Jul Fest rules
  • Exchanging tickets for a show on 1/21/17 when I will be marching in DC
    • Go to Box Office and stare them down
  • Pondering the recent Daniel Kitson performance at St. Anne's Theater
    • Lots going on there
  • Ruminating on something Greg said and ultimately disagreeing
    • Peeing on the toilet seat does not make you chaotic neutral.
      (that's a dungeons and dragons reference, in case you aren't cool like that)
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