Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Rutger's Facilities Racing Team Competes in The Big Chill-5k

Is it deja vu? Oh, it's just the mugs. It's really 2006.

Tom started out like a shot, reminiscent of Mom vs. Asphalt in Middle Creek. Unlike Mom, however, Tom remained standing throughout the entire event. Seth reeled in Tom at mile 2, for a 20:00 finish. Tom slipped in under 20:14, beating his PR by 1:45.

At the start, two old guys asked Dad what he was listening to on his iPod. He had been singing along with the song. Kind of loudly. Michael Jackson propelled him to a 26:04. Except race officials got Dad's time switched with Seth's. According to race officials, Dad beat the rest of the senior crowd by a couple of minutes. Mary said she wouldn't have done it, but Dad came clean with only minor disruption of the medal ceremony.

Rounding out the Rutger's Facilities Racing Team, I ran a 27:50 clock time and Mary did a 30: something. Mom sprained her ankle last week, but was involved in the photoshoots and other post-race activities.
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