Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Dialog: Tom and his PS3

Game Time: 2.25 hours

"Fuck" - 27 times
"Dammit" - 16 times
"Jesus Christ" - 9 times
"Doh!" - 8 times
"Who is this asshole that keeps killing me?" - 3 times
"Wow. That happened quick." - 7 times
"What's it talking about?" - 2 times
"Wow. I just killed somebody. Unfortunately I'm on fire." - 1 time
"Fucker. You scared the shit out me buddy." - 1 time
"Hey! I got a ranking of Corporal.. three little dots.. for my exemplary achievement. Or maybe to just keep me playing this game." - 1 time
"Where the hell did that come from?" - 4 times
"Bring it on!" - 2 times
"I'm just hitting all buttons. Maybe I can give 'em an elbow or something." - 1 time
"Why am I bouncing up and down?" - 1 time
"Tomfoolery. Heh. That's a good name." - 1 time
"Am I in last place? Oh yeah baby. Second to last. That's good." - 1 time
"I just commited suicide. Apparently." - 2 times
"How did I get over here?" - 1 time
"I thought I understood that map, but... I don't quite get that map." - 1 time
"I'm fighting against these little viruses in a petri dish now" - 1 time
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