Friday, March 02, 2007

Two Tales of My Underwear

My Underwear at the Gym

I was lifting free weights with my iPod clipped to the waistband of my pants. The gym was full of big guys and their tattoos. I yanked up my Pod to switch the song to Polyamorous Friend by Breaking Benjamin. Which rocks.

Unfortunately, the clip was stuck in my underpants so I gave myself an enormous hot pink wedgie. So much for my gym cred.

You Are Not the Only One with Nuts in Your Pants

The kitchen designer asked us why we want to separate the pantry from the laundry room. Currently, our foodstuffs are stored within an armslength of the washing machine.

I said, "Because I am tired of finding mixed nuts in my underwear."

The kitchen designer was not sure how to resond. Neither was Tom. He kicked me under the table, which I was not happy about.
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