Friday, April 13, 2007

Live Music Review : Ra Ra Riot

Unmindful of their uniformly can't-be-comfortable blue jeans, Syracuse-based Ra Ra Riot bounced around onstage with nimble ardor. They were happy, happy, happy to be in the big city. Within minutes, their infectious music and exuberant frolicking had won over a skeptical crowd.

For a burst of the unusual, the band featured an electric violin and an electric cello. Their melodic sound added a symphonic undercurrent to the rambunctious pop. Toward the end of the set, I began to wonder if the cellist and violinist only knew one song. I swear I kept hearing the same exact notes over and over again. It got boring. Maybe I have ADD. Or maybe I have no culture. Or we could always blame the soundman.

The lead singer reminded Tom of a young skinny Roger Daltry. He had some signature microphone moves that utterly captivated the three short Asian chicks in the front row.

Unfortunately, the guitar player needed to turn up. Even though you couldn't hear a note he played, I say he scored a perfect 10 in the cute geek category and either had springy sneakers or a very impressive vertical.

The bass player rocked.

Ra Ra Riot teeters on the verge. Gems mixed with rough stones, but watching their ebullient journey is recommended by me. Thumbs up.

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