Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Live Music Review : Tokyo Police Club

The Lower East Side Mercury Lounge floor shuddered under the weight of a sold out show. While the rest of the skinny, shaggy band collected on stage,TPC's lead singer and bass player, a blue-eyed hottie, charged through the crowd.

(The oddly positioned green room nestles the whole way on the other side of the club.)

Amped up sound flickered, swelled, and burst into a burning conflagration of wild staccato rhythm clamped together with barbwire melodies. Right then, according to me, a chair would have sucked like a jail cell.

The drummer wailed. Tambourines splintered under the weight of the beat. Literally. The guitarist shattered at least two. He chucked them at the curly haired synth player. Who didn't look up much.

TPC's frontman couldn't contain stray wisps of jubilance and his fans loved him for it. During their crescendo of a standing ovation, my boy mentioned it was his band's first standing ovation. Ever.

Tokyo Police Club: Hemoglobin-flavored rocket fuel for the likes of me. Can't get enough.

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