Friday, May 04, 2007

The Pluckemin Inn : Scoop Central

Tom and I got awesome with our peeps at the Pluckemin Inn this evening.

Christine has fabulous molars. I know this on account of her Super-Sized Perma-Grin of Love. She introduced us to Dan, "The Flame." They move in together June 1.

Melissa confessed that she dislikes orange beverages. She enjoys a pellucid refreshment.

Kerry heard about an afterparty and suggested we grab a couple of forties and head over. I found this surprising since she gets up at five in the morning.

Yeah, ok I made this up. Except the 5am part. I'm saving the Kerry News for later.

Leah was impressed by my Pleatherberry. She mentioned her boyfriend Greg has a Burberry so he can check his email on the fly. All the chavs are jealous.

Greg blew in from Manhattan, taking a detour off his whirlwind Burger Tour. He logs his Burger Ratings in an official Burger Spreadsheet and plans to write a humorous but yet serious article for a food magazine revealing his Burger Analyses. Everyone can hardly wait.

Renee has a new pocketbook perfect for summer. Two side pockets, a roomy interior, a little bling and a fresh, flowerful look about it.
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