Sunday, July 08, 2007

Tales from the Forest in which I Jog on the Weekends

Rank the below on competitive spirit. Scale is one to ten, with five being the middle:

Incident #1:
May, 2007

Here I am running along. I glimpse two mountain bikers up ahead on the trail. I speculate correctly that I am going to catch them. This fascinates me, given my passion for low-speed mayhem.

A lanky teenage kid pedals along in front while what looks like his dad brings up the rear. Dad looks mortified as I shuffle by. Kid remains expressionless. He's a real warm glass of milk. I wonder if they'll pass me on the downhill. Which they never do.

Incident #2:
July, 2007

Here I am running along. I see a pony-tailed jogbra tooling down the trail in front of me and I'm gaining on her. She hears me and picks up the pace. She turns a corner and I lose sight of her. When I get around the bend, the woman is gone. I think she hid in the bushes.

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