Thursday, December 06, 2007

Maybe Just a Tiny Bit OCD... But I Say Pop is a World-Class Duathlete

A "duathlete" is the new "biathlete," as my brother saw fit to point out in ALL CAPS. I'm assuming "biathlete" has come to refer to those sportsmen who play on both teams. Sethie is troubled by such goings on.

After I accused my nutchie brother of being a smartypants entomologist, my pop helpfully noted that entomologists study insects. Etymologists are into words.

So carry on. Now that you know my fambo remorselessly endeavors to squash me under the bad vocabulary "reply all" bus.

Dad discusses his lifetime running and biking stats:

My 1st recorded running milage was 1976 with 332 miles.

My 1st recorded biking milage was 1981 with 2005 miles.

My best running year was 1980 with a whopping 1880 miles. My top biking year was 1988- 6847 miles.

Every year between 1982 to 1987, I ran at least 1100 miles (except a 984 in 1985. Why did I stop just 16 miles short of 1000?) and biked 4100 miles including 1983 when I biked 4155 and ran 1618 miles and 1986 when I ran 1388 and biked 5355 miles.

This year I am over 4700 miles which would be my best recorded biking year since 1989 (4620 miles, of course i ran 868 miles that year also).

My lifetime miles: biked over 100K and ran over 30K- not shabby.
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