Friday, February 22, 2008

Stealth Maneuver for Speed and Good Hair

Don't tell anybody, but I have fine-tuned a savvy plan to avoid complete dishevelment in the face of client meetings on East 42nd Street.

Natural elements are at play here. It is hot as asphalt in the summer and the city is an encyclopedia of unexpected smells. But during the cursed depths of winter, the avenues are wind tunnels and exposed body parts can frost right off. It is dramatic and dangerous if proper preparations are not undertaken.

Plus I like a comfortable shoe for distance situations. So it took years of trial and error refinement, but now I have a foolproof stratagem for swapping footwear and showcasing my farmgirl good looks when I ask the darling customers to show me the money.

There are two fancy hotels on either side of 42nd. In the summer, I always go into the Helmsley on the south side of the street. The Ladies Lounge is right under the air conditioning vent. I stand under the vent for five minutes because cool air is blissful when the sidewalk is burning holes in your shoes. Then I shuffle into the Ladies Lounge and take full advantage of the amenities. Fluff my hair, vogue for the mirror, pick my teeth, etc. I especially appreciate the padded vanity stools and large vanity area which is made available to patrons. And others.

In the winter, I choose the Hyatt across the street. Restroom is all the way in the back behind the glamorista souvenir shops, but it's on a more convenient side of the street and the air conditioning vent is a negligible decision-making criteria when you're inches from frostbite.
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