Friday, March 21, 2008

Current Working Hypothosis / New Zealand Update

The whole New Zealand experience locks down a simple truth : Humans are wee little cocky ass pantywaists.

What kind of idiot fucks are we to presume our tyranny over Mother-Earth? Carelessly polluting, eroding, mining, draining, paving, killing. Papatuanuku will squash us with a glance.

She has pulled towering black mountains from the depths of the sea. She has yanked entire continents asunder. She has strewn billions of white-hot stars into the milky way, hurling them across distances our tiny crazy brains cannot comprehend. She reigns at the speed of light; dominates with infinite time. Our entire species is lost in the trace of a single teardrop.

Moss and ferns and milky white ice will cover our selfish dead bodies, strewn over the poisoned planet we begat.
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