Friday, May 09, 2008

My Birthday Day

At first, I fancied really going back to basics for my birthday. Maybe spend the day fasting on nothing but dark green leafy vegetables and little scraps torn from the bible. It would be all like zen and I would rediscover my inner child.

But then we decided to go to the Village and look at real estate and I glimpsed this in a window:

I think it's some sort of B-movie martian in a decorative saddle. It changed my perspective on the day and I decided to live life to the fullest because you never know when a lead pipe will fall from a scaffold and clock you right in the bean.

We enjoyed five hours noodling around in other people's closets and wrestling with the "why" in the question of The Legion Action Figures Posed in Mock Battle Inside Somebody's Kitchen Cabinets.

Subsequently, it being my birthday and all, I decided I was keen on a delicious snack of my choosing. I had 2.5 cups of coffee, spoonfuls of brownie and a lovely lump of seaweed. Then we spent about half an hour shopping for sectional couches at George Jensen in Chelsea. Because everybody knows when you need a nap, the slick move is to shop for upholstered furniture.

I made several phone calls while testing out a brown leather number. Tom said it was poor form to put my feet up on the coordinating brown leather ottoman. This bugged me because as Tracie pointed out, it is the Week of Stacey-- when the menace is left unchecked but everyone has to smile in wry amusement.

The Week of Stacey: May 8 - May 15. Mark your calendar.
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