Monday, May 12, 2008

Wedding Reception Top Music Picks
by Henrik Johan Ibsen

Most partygoers are familiar with the moderately lewd 1969 Rolling Stones song in which singer Mick Jagger boasts of getting forcibly laid by a divorcee in New York City who covers him in roses prior to blowing his nose and then his mind. Whenever asked, I recommend "Honky Tonk Women" for wedding reception set lists.

On one hand, you are cheering about being heaved across a barroom queen's shoulder and taken upstairs for a ride. On the other hand you have just celebrated the sacred vows of marriage and:
  • All the flower girls in their sweet taffeta dresses are shakin' booty
  • The bride's boss, rigged out in pearls and sensible low heeled pumps, sashays through what could only be described as high energy square dance.
  • The bestman is out there boogying with his sister.
  • It is discovered that strappy sandals and ruffled gowns are not the best outfits for grinding.
My other mofo favorite nuptial tunes include: "The Stroke'" by Billy Squire and "You Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC. These can easily be repurposed for any affair where you might have occasion to dance with your great aunt.
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