Saturday, October 11, 2008

Photo from Party Scores High on Awesome Meter

A photo of Michael and Tom at the Festival of 504 Lights last Saturday came out great, some even describing it as "amazing." The picture, part of a larger work-in-progress by the visionary self-portraitist Michael, was taken at approximately 11pm and represents the zeitgeist of that twilight hour... the time betwixt the first cocktail and the one right before a hard-nippled gentleman of the hands-on variety started whipping out his junk in the backyard.

"Michael spent an inordinate amount of time in the planning and conceptual phases of the photograph," said bystanders close to the shoot location. "He said he strove to achieve an allegoric representation of the unbearable lightness of being."

Experts are divided as to the artistic inspirations underpinning the photograph. The largest opinion pool posits that both the choice of subjects, the pose and the moodiful lighting closely emulates the famous Charles and Georges Durand-Ruel painted in 1882 by Pierre-Auguste Renoir:

"I have never seen this painting before," claimed Michael vehemently. "Art history is not a required course for pharmaceutical technicians."

As for the future of the photograph, it has already captured significant acclaim amongst Michael's clatch of Facebook friends. While clearly the standout shot in the album, other notable pictures include several of the fabulous party's hosts, Andrew and Tracie, looking both chic and casual glowing beneath the light of 504 candles.
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