Friday, April 24, 2009

Bubby R, Mama & the Birds and the Birds

"When I was a girl, maybe twelve years old, my Mama said to me, 'What is it with the red-haired boy? The one that acts like a girl?'

I say, 'Mama! He's a feygela!'

My Mama doesn't understand these things. She came from the old country. She says to me, 'What's this, a feygela?'

I explained to her how it is.

Mama says, 'Gey Avek! You are kidding. He is a boy.'

Then we walked along. 'Takka? Really?' she says.

A little while later, I hear, 'Roite. The red-haired boy. A feygela!' And she shakes her head like this.

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