Monday, August 10, 2009

Movies I : The Dangers of Eavesdropping : Mom, Dad and Tom on the Porch : A Transcript

"Steve McQueen was in Papillon."

"La papillon means butterfly in Spanish."

"Isn’t la papillon French?"

"Oh yeah, it’s French. Look up French for butterfly on your iPhone."

"Steve McQueen was locked up. Maybe with Dustin Hoffman. They both were locked up."

"See if Peekaboo is in there. In that IBMd. It's a movie from 1951 about a guy who was always getting put in jail, but he could make himself invisible and escape."

"Papillon was on this island and its the guy who shot Lincoln."

"John Wilkes Booth?"

"No, the doctor, he was sent to that island."

"Why would they send Lincoln’s doctor to a french prison?"

"Do you know Steve McQueen’s real first name?"


"No, Terrance."

"See, Steve McQueen was in Papillon."

"And Dustin Hoffman played a creepy little guy, as usual."

"Dustin Hoffman played an Indian Chief."

"The Indian chief was a creepy little guy?"

"Oh, that was Little Big Man."
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