Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Resplendent Bidet

On the occasion of my surprise birthday party, the OC Girls, Kenny, Tom & Michael round-tabled the Subject Bidet over dinner at Cookshop:

I have very limited experience with bidets. They scare me. I wouldn’t want to flood the house.”

“You can just splash around in there. Usually there’s an adjustable faucet head. The bidet comes with a soap dish and a special towel rack.”
“I would approach any towel in the proximity of the bidet with extreme caution.”
“I just tripled my knowledge of bidets. This is all news.”

“I turned a bidet on once and it gurgled. I thought bidets were supposed to shoot up like a fountain.”
“Can someone ask our waiter to weigh in on this?”
“I’m going to find a bidet manual on you tube.”
“Are we still talking about bidets?”
“Yes, there’s a lot to talk about.”
“Why is the man in the bidet instruction video shirtless? You don’t have to take your shirt off to use a bidet.”

“I would not want a toilet that transforms into a bidet. That is simply wrong.”

“I’m really excited about this cookie.”
“Sorbet, bidet... vive la france!”
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