Sunday, May 27, 2012

The little ones are fast, fluffy and evil

Well today was a busy day:
  1. Ran 4 miles, minding my own business on the shoulder of the road
  2. Got bitten by a little dog
  3. Screamed "Your fucking little dog bit me" so loud doors opened and neighbors came out on yards
  4. Had a protracted altercation with the old man owner who said things like, "Fluffy didn't really bite you, he just ripped your skin off with his claws."
  5. Ran 4 miles home with blood dripping down my leg
  6. Called the cops
  7. Went to the ER
  8. While waiting at the pharmacy counter for my antibiotics, bought a tube of really excellent Blistex
After that, nothing much happened for the rest of the day except Tom cramped up something fierce and I had to get him a banana. Also, despite a limp arm from the tetanus shot, I am enjoying rehydrated lips protected by a five-star rated UVA/UVB moisture shield.

(Apropos tetanus shots, the last time I achieved one, Tom and I were administering intravenous fluids to a cat. The IV bag hook slipped off the top of the Nordic Track and I skewered my index finger.)

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