Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On the Bolt Bus to Boston. A Transcript.

Seats right in back of me.
One Asian guy flirts with the other Asian guy.

"I got us a room in a nice hotel. Here's a picture of our room."

"No, there's only one bed. They may be able to get us a room with two beds. We can ask. I mean. If you want."

"Hey! There's no pocket on the seatback!"

"You CAN't sleep on the soFA! It will be LUMpy!"

"We'll go down and have at least one drink at the bar in the lobby. But you have to dress nice. Do you have a nice shirt I can borrow?"

"Are those your headphones? I have nicer headphones. Do you want to use them? You take this here and you stick it in your ear. Just slide it in there."

"Can I split the headphones with you? I use the one earbud and you use the other one?"
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