Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Christmas Tree, Pizza, Hank, and a Cupcake Lady Buffet

Last Saturday started early with a little festive cheer at Swedish Club. I decided to bring a mini-Christmas tree to ignite the holiday spirit. At the end of the party, I suddenly realized I had a partner for the evening. The mini-christmas tree and I took the subway downtown to catch Kent's band, Marlowe Grey, at the Mercury Lounge

Me and the tree salmoned through the middle of the crowd, all the way up to the front by the stage. I cleared a path by stabbing people in the ass with boughs of evergreen. We missed Kent's band, but got there just in time to watch the next act set up and hear Adele predict, "That Asian chick up there in the jumpsuit is gonna fuck shit up."

Tom rocks the selfie.

Upon the conclusion of the jumpsuit excitement, Tom, Darcey, Kent, the mini-Christmas tree and I dipped out for a slice of pizza before Hank and Cupcakes took the stage. It was great pie, but I forgot the mini-Christmas tree on our table! Oh the non-horror. 
Cupcakes had some dizzying girls power.
I decided it would be a leading indicator of the Mayan apocalypse if someone possessed the evil in their heart to steal someone else's mini-Christmas tree, late night, at a pizza joint. Especially a pizza joint right next door to Katz's Kosher Deli. Turns out, we'll be fine. An hour later, the mini-Christmas tree remained, redolent on a paper plate, waiting for me.

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