Sunday, December 09, 2012

The Mayor Celebrates Silla's Big Ass Birthday Party

a few of my citizens enjoying their repast

"Yabba Island Grill is the perfect spot in town
for the grandchildren, grandparents
and the kid in all of us!"

Whatever, bitches, I'm the mayor here.

I deserve the job, my darling coffin-dodgers. I bellied right up to that YabbaBar and enjoyed a YabbaRita. It was majestic and fluorescent. And then I came back the next day and stuck with bottled beer.  Two check-ins in two days, you can dribble your awe near the tips of my closed-toe shoes.

My mayorship commenced just after Suzanne's informative discourse about a place called Vergina's, an alleged restaurant right across the street. Several pudgy dudes also listened with keen interest to Suzanne say "Vergina" early and often while "You Take My Breath Away"lilted from the bar surround sound and melted our hearts.

It is possible I bellowed "I am your Mayor" with a flourish of spirit fingers to the bar area in general. Mostly my citizenry looked on, confused. One guy nodded. The bartender did not give me a free drink. Anne was the only one who showed any respect for my status. I'll have to put her in charge of something fabulous at city hall. My first order of business will be to forbid the USE OF CAPSLOCK, even though most of my beloved flock clearly finds it IRRESISTIBLE.

Youthful actors enjoying lunch on the Yabba's webpage 
All too soon, we needed to bounce to our dinner reservation and fully celebrate Silla's Big Ass Birthday before the town of Naples shut down at eight pm. I hopped in the 'Lade with my crew and we rolled out on our 24s. As befits the mayor. It was a hella-fun weekend despite my civic responsibilities.

Happy Birthday, Silla!

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