Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Music Reviews on the Short : Vinnie Carauna, Alt-J, Tame Impala, Divine Fits

This might be my new thing: reviewing albums in ≤2 sentences. My quest for brevity is no slight on the effort or artistry exerted to make the music. It is more a commentary on music reviews. I feel they could be shorter.

An Awesome Wave by Alt-J
Reviewed after 673 plays.

An eerie, juicy and awkward wildebeest straddled by a lead singer I imagine has a large adams apple. Fucking awesome.

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City By the Sea EP by Vinnie Carauna
Reviewed after 269 Plays

Nothing is sexier than a punk-guy singing about his feelings and his fear of dying in his car. At first, his gravely voice distracted me, but then it didn't and I'm fully in love.

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Lonerism by Tame Impala
Reviewed after 343 Plays

Wispy and watery, Lonerism is hard to grab onto. You have to wait; it seeps into your bloodstream on its own time. Prepare for a slobbery addiction.

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A Thing Called Divine Fits by Divine Fits
Reviewed after 277 Plays

Knocks out a snappy beat, but without commanding much of the space-time continuum. Solid trio of songs, the rest I wish were longitudinally greedier.

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