Sunday, April 21, 2013

Starlight Girls EP by Starlight Girls | Very Short Music Review

Starlight Girls EP by the Starlight Girls
Reviewed after 50 plays

I imagine this band as minstrels. They appear friendly; until vaguely menacing melodies curl around a Boris and Natascha underbelly and you know it's too late. You're completely bewitched. Buy it. Now.

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Imagine Dragons : Night Vision || Very Short Music Review

Night Visions by Imagine Dragons
Reviewed after 123 Plays on Lastfm

At first I thought this album was uniformly mediocre. Upon closer analysis, I realized that mediocre is the calculated mean average rating. The album has one really good song, a few half decent ones and three candy-coated, gelatinous sugar pop blobs that are just fucking unbearable. They bring down the average something fierce.

Buy a few of the singles on Amazon: Night Visions

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Nick Waterhouse Thankfully Remembered to Bring his ID to the Mercury Lounge 4/7/2013

Nick Waterhouse at the sold out Mercury Lounge show 4/7/13.
Luckily he is over 21 with ID.

Standing outside the door at the Mercury Lounge, Tom and I waited for the bouncer to thoroughly study our IDs. Even with a margin of error spanning a couple decades, guesstimating someone's age by their appearance alone is clearly very difficult. It is completely up in the air what I was doing 21 years ago 1992. Maybe I pulled a tendon accidentally falling down the stairs while performing a drunken rendition of Whitney Houston's hit single 'I Will Always Love You,' or, it is highly likely I was born that year.

Nick Waterhouse's drummer. Luckily over 21.
A pack of guys cuts in front of us. One of them sticks his California driver's license in the bouncer's hand.

Tom is like, "WTF?"

I'm like, "Holy shit, that's Nick Waterhouse."

The bouncer is like, "The end of the line's back there, brothers."

Nick Waterhouse is like, "We're with the band."

The bouncer nods in an "okay then," gesture. He reads over
Nick Waterhouse's ID and says, "Which band you with?"

Nick Waterhouse's sax players.
Luckily over 21.
Nick Waterhouse tilts his head toward the gigantic poster that reads, "Nick Waterhouse! Tonight!" He says, "We're with Nick Waterhouse."

The bouncer grunts, hands him back his driver's license and waves him through.

Lucky for us, Nick Waterhouse kept track of his wallet, because his show was grand and it was gleeful and his band brought down the fucking house. Best show in 2013.

More great photos by Tom

Nick Waterhouse's back up singers.
Luckily over 21.