Monday, June 24, 2013

Uncle Tom and Aunt Stacey: Best Babysitters Ever

Today we babysat Jack and Ella and may I say we are the best babysitters ever. We only lost the children for a very short period of time.

On the way home from lunch at the Ramen joint, the two of them took off across a field and vanished. Not only that, but Jack had Tom's iphone clutched in his sweaty little palms. What a fly in the ointment to lose not only two kids but a phone besides. Of course it didn't take us long to put the pieces together and mastermind an ingenious plan because we are, as aforementioned, the best babysitters ever. I called Jack on the phone. The crumbsnatcher let me go to voicemail.

Eventually, I went with the "find my phone" GPS feature and Jack and Ella were located in their livingroom curled up before the dim light of an iPad playing Angry Birds in Space. Jack had not wanted to answer the phone while he was running. We rewarded his safety-first attitude by letting them watch Tracie's rendition of the Aerosmith/RunDMC Walk This Way video a dozen times. Consensus accords the best part to be when "Stephen Tyler" CRASHES RIGHT THROUGH THE WALL! BOOM-CHACKALACKA!

We discussed how funny it would be if a baby's first word was BOOM-CHACKALACKA. My brother is not pleased that we have taught his children to shriek BOOM-CHACKALACKA as often as possible. Serves him right for stealing five silver dollars out of my piggy bank in second grade.

After that, we rehearsed a theatrical one-act in preparation for Dad's return from the office. The production value remained low, but everyone did remember to bellow their lines at the right time. It went like this:

Aunt Stacey: "I like your nurse's uniform, guy."
Uncle Tom: "These are O.R. scrubs!"
Jack and Ella: "O.R. they?
Full Company: snort snort snort.

Jack by the garbage truck 130624
We spent the morning waiting for the garbage truck.
The kid is obsessed with waste management.

Jack by the garbage truck2 130624
Following around the truck helping out Pete and Ricky
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