Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Bunny Farts & Friday night with Mom and Dad

©Full Bunny Contact
My first choice for Friday night was Full Bunny Contact, but Tom didn't want to go. He said my parents wouldn't enjoy Easter Egg cage fighting. I said we didn't have to actually get in the cage, we could just watch. I also said Dunk the Savior looked like fun. You get 2 balls for a buck and a chance to see if Jesus really can walk on water.

No one agreed so I hatched Plan B: A short experimental theater piece entitled "Odor in the Court." The one-act began with Judge Rita, a 6'2" Cissy Houston protegee, bellowing a few soulful songs concerning Hiney Hiccups, Butt Trumpets and crop dusting. Then, her skinny and pale bailiff hooked thumbs in gold glitter suspenders and broke out into a lilting ballad about the great boxer, Gaseous Clay.

I glanced at my dad. He was hunched over in his seat taking notes.

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