Saturday, October 04, 2014

Things that are Disappointing


Since when do they taste like chalk with a crunchy exoskeleton? It's like eating a handful of flashy beetles that have been dehydrated with their legs amputated.

That 2nd bag of Vanilla tea from Harney & Sons. 

The second bag did not live up to my memory of the first bag. 

The new Karen O disk.

You'd need to be really into Pippi Longstocking cosplay to get it up for a second listen.
(Nonetheless my girlcrush on Karen O stands strong.)

Jeffrey Campbell Boots from NastyGal.

The city ripped them to shreds, the posers. Online, they looked stoic enough to take on this town. Nothing doing. They wilted like a bug-eyed tourist completely unraveled by a sweltering 6 train platform at rush hour. Such a disappointment.
Completely disappointing
Jeffrey Campbell
boots purveyed by NastyGal

iPads and iPhones and Computer Monitors.

All this blue light terrorizing my humanoid biorhythms. Tom said there's an app for that. I'll be looking into it.

A podcast I thought was about audio gear but turned out to be a DJ music show.

It took 45 annoying seconds to delete the 3 episodes I'd downloaded before the truth came out.

Rock hard Lip Balm.

Lip balm is unsatisfactory when a swipe of it pulls your lips right off your face. Lip balm should offer moisturization, not a way to jowl in slow motion. 
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