Friday, March 04, 2016

Literally Long in the Tooth

Pop takes a selfie.
(The spectacles are a funny dad joke, btw)
My pop got on the phone and announced he has a long tooth.

I became confused.

It's not that I've never heard Pop bemoan his age before, but it's usually in the context of split times, i.e. "I can no longer run a sub-7 minute mile. I used to run them all day and all night. Now I'm lucky with a niner."

But lately, he's been kind of into the whole age thing. A few years ago he got himself into the 70+ age group and started winning all these running trophies.

I seek clarity. "Say what? You're long in the tooth?"

"Yes I am," said Pop. "I was at the dentist today for a root canal. He measured my tooth. It was 30mm long. The max tooth length the dentist's machine can even handle is 31mm. My tooth was almost off the charts. The dentist said it was the longest tooth he ever encountered."

So there you go. Possibly another trophy opportunity.

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