Saturday, April 23, 2016

Recent heroics and impressive charts and graphs

The best thing about stomping around the west village until 3am is when you wake up the next morning, your phone beeps a little motivational “good going champ!” type message. Because you're more than halfway toward your daily fitness goal.

The health app has no idea it took 5000 steps to get from the restaurant on Bleeker to that bar Helen likes.

And then somewhere else.

If you give me a sec, I can pull up the name of the dive. Because I keep track.

Since 2010, I’ve worked hard to accomplish:
  • 378 drinking establishments
  • 98 museums or art galleries
  • 103 music or performing art venues

We vacationed in Florida a couple weeks ago with some of Kenny’s longtime buddies. They were polite enough to insist I had “taught them some great new iPhone tricks.” I knew this was code for “holy hell you’ve got a problem.”

 It could have been a lot worse, but luckily I kept the menace in check. The only app I showed off was the one to track how many glasses of water I drink every day.

But seriously, they're all doctors and we were in blazing tropical heat. They should clearly have been a little more appreciative of my fastidious efforts to avoid a tedious medical emergency.

Since it's all about me at the moment, I'd be remiss without mentioning:
  • 148,000 songs since 2007, by 4,454 artists.
  • Top artist is Minus the Bear at 2,453 plays.
  • Most played track is the Immigrant Song as covered by Trent Reznor, Karen O and Atticus Ross at 416 plays. And counting.

Cause for Concern! I listened to 33,000 songs in 2013, but have experienced a precipitous decline, only listening to 5000 songs in 2015.

Because now I’m into podcasts. I subscribe to 61 podcasts. Sadly, podcast tracking is really suboptimal. This is a terrible terrible state of affairs.

Now I’m dipping a toe into audio books. Audible dedicates a whole page to data visualization: How many listening hours per day/week/month. How many books finished. It’s all important. I listen at 1.25x speed for 1.25x the derring-do.

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