Monday, September 19, 2016

Pop's New Favorie Portmanteau

A portmanteau, in case you are unfamiliar, is when you take two words and smash them together so hard a brand new word plops forth from the wreckage. An example is "smog," which is the bastard child of smoke and fog.

Random shot of Pop poking a street sign.
My Pop, reading a magazine or paper or something he randomly picked up off my kitchen table:


(no one says anything.)

"What's fugly?"

(Tom looks up, weighs the pros and cons of engaging, decides against it, goes back to what he was doing.)

(Three minutes pass.)

"Oooooh. It's a portmanteau! Ha ha ha. Fugly. Really clever. Fugly. You know, the f comes from..."

(Props to Pop for speedy code cracking. Also bonus points for managing to drop the word 'portmanteau' into a statement concerning the word  'fugly.')

(Three minutes pass.)

"Ha ha ha. Fugly."

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