Friday, April 13, 2018

Speaking of the Mayor of the Met-Breuer Art Museum....

Oh and BTW, I’m now the mayor of the Met-Breuer on Four Square. Not sure who this says more about - me, the Met Breuer or the four square app. Nonetheless, I’m not one to walk away from fifteen minutes of fame, so hell to the yes.

Here's the only screenshot I got of my inauguration, it's not that great. There was this apoplectic frenzy of a screen that came before this one with cash register noises and trumpets. I had to shut that shit down and fast. All the racket was not going over well in the middle of a gallery on the 2nd floor of the Met Breuer. I was getting a lot of stink eye. Not a good way to begin my term in office.

There's a new Mayor in town!
I visit a lot of museums. I love museums. I especially love my membership to the Met where I get to flitter into the members-only Balcony Lounge for tea and a snack. I show my member card to the very disinterested volunteers guarding the entrance and disappear into a sanctuary of quiet and mid-century modern seating arrangements. It sort of looks like the United Airport lounge but with fewer jet-lagged sweaty people in comfortable shoes desperately seeking an electrical outlet.

Here’s my top art museum picks from Q1 2018:

At the Met, Public Parks, Private Gardens, Paris to Provence. It was a members only preview and there still were too many people in the exhibit including some dude and his, not one but two, tiny little not-trained service dogs. They were barkers. Luckily it was an exhibition of parks, otherwise I would have been really annoyed about the whole tripping over loud, misbehaved animals at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

The only artwork that has stayed with me from then until now is this photograph:

Ok also this little Matisse called Pansies. Such a cutie:

Pansies by Matisse.

We were at the Elena Goor Museum in Tel Aviv by Jaffa in February. I really loved this museum tucked into an old soap factory in Tel Aviv. And when I say "old" I simply mean "no longer in business."

Keep in mind “old” in Tel Aviv has a different context than “old” over here. Things don’t qualify as old in Israel unless they were around at approximately the same time as Jesus; and even that timeframe is a little suspect, i.e. the “new” testament and all. 

King Herod by Elena Boukingolts
This King Herod built the big synagog in Jerusalem that eventually got torn down when the Muslims paid a visit. Or maybe it was the Romans. Ripping down "wonders of the world" sorts of architecture was a global pastime, it’s hard to keep track of all the participants. 

Herod also built the castles on top of Masada. When he wasn't building things, Herod took some fast trips to Squirrel City. You can see his crazy eyes in this sculpture.

 Munch, Jan 21 at the Met-Breuer:

Anselm Kiefer, Jan 21 at the Met-Breuer:


Leon Golub at the Met-Brewer in March:

Top left of something much bigger.

Jimmie Durham, Jan 7 and one more time with Wanda and Derek at the Whitney.
Saw this show twice I loved his whack little musings and doodles mostly:

Bird Prints by Mathew Day Jackson at the Met, Feb 3

Of course I saw the big David Hockney show at the Met while I was there:

Michaelangelo at the Met, Feb 3. New goal: sign my name in a flourish:

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