Thursday, February 01, 2007

I am More Inspirational than a Personal Trainer

Besides the guy who does substandard handstands, the YMCA is a place of traditional values and strapping young men.

When I enter the workout annex, Handstand Guy is trying hard to do scissor-kicks while his hands scuttle around on the floor. I select the far corner to work out with the Swiss ball given the inherent danger of a skinny dude flinging around his limbs in a precarious upside-down position.

I do 20 hands-on-the-ball pushups. While I rest up for my next set, two muscleheads come in. The one lays down a challenge: which of them can do more pushups with hands on the Swiss ball. I pause to watch the competition. So does Handstand Guy.

Head One does like three before he collapses. Head Two manages maybe eight.

Of course, I make a lot of racket preparing for my second set. Also predictably, I don't stop until I shake out 35 reps.

Next set, both heads practically kill themselves to manage a few more ups. Handstand Guy offers them helpful tips, which are not overly appreciated. Head One comments, "The heavier your upper body, the harder these pushups are." He asks me, "These pushups are kind of hard, aren't they?"

I nod. Whatever blows your skirt up, girly boy.
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