Saturday, February 17, 2007

Minutes of Meeting / George & Martha's / 7:30PM

Board Members:
Present: Suzanne, Melissa, Lynn, Stacey
Absent: Kerry
Quorum Present? Yes

Others Present:

Melissa's handbag which we had to obtain an extra chair for

First Order of Business / Award Ceremony:

Demonstrative Evidence:
Upon rounding the corner on Morris Avenue, both Suzanne and myself observed a movie-star parking spot directly in front of the restaurant. But the back end of a dark-colored sedan angling into said parking spot shattered our shortlived elation.

May it be noted for the record that Suzanne passed by the indicated location approximately ten minutes prior to myself.

Recap of Judges' Ruling:
Melissa recieved the award for "Most Dastardly" in the "Parking the Car" category.

Judges praised her for not only securing the "Best Possible Parking Spot," but also for repeatedly backing into said spot with the intent of tormenting the greatest number of other Parking competitors driving by.

Judges awarded Melissa extra style points for timing her movements with the traffic surges generated by the red light at the intersection of Spring Street.

Second Order of Business / Contemporaneous Affairs:

Suzanne reports that Margeux is nearing one year in age. Her speed has increased substantially and she is able to identify complex molecular structures pictured on flashcards.

Suzanne noted for the record that her Burberry Blackberry case was a gift and that online worlds, long known as good places for orc bashing, have evolved into a phenomenon more dangerous than transfats.

Lynn revealed that she has been neglecting her exersize regimen in favor of frivolous pursuits like working. Lynn modestly acknowledged her trendsetting, fashion-icon status earned by inspiring millions to cut their bangs and try dusky purple eyeshadow.

I, myself, disappointed the crowd by allegedly failing to exactly match my socks to my new striped shirt. Assuming arguendo, matching socks are not always the warmest choice.

Kerry had provided advance notice as to her absence. She claims to be skiing in Vermont.
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