Monday, February 26, 2007

Tom and his PS3 - Alone Time: Not Always Desirable

"No wonder! I'm the only one on my team. Everybody left the game. I'm running around out there all by myself. I should get something for that. Those fuckers."


editor's note:

In the interest of veracity and because Tom aka "Chris Pike" has put in a formal request, please allow me to explicate the above passage:

Tom's entire team DESERTED him. He was left defending the tree house or whatever the hell it is ALONE. The other team, thus, DECIMATED his lonely little outnumbered self.

I am uncertain why, exactly, ChrisPike is so eager to clarify (given the questions raised by the ACTUAL and PECULIAR CHAIN OF EVENTS) but I am, as always, bounteously munificent.
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