Saturday, March 31, 2007

Crayons + Tunes = Good Times

Yesterday, in the company of my elusive art-buddy Afrodite, I saw the work of Martin Ramirez. The crayon musings of a psychopath, it is said. My opinion of the reputedly mute and underweight artisan remains TBD. If I were a bigger aficionado of trains, convex lines or Madonna I might lay my bent in some direction. As it stands, I am more excited by my new leg vise purchased on eBay from a blacksmith in Nebraska.

Kyle Corbett played some mean guitar in the main gallery later on. To improve your viewer experience, I would have swiped one of the outstanding photographs from his web site, but they are copyrighted.

During the introduction patter, I thought Kyle said one of his two percussionists played the "bass." I figured the instrument was some kind of new-fangled bass drum.

Turns out, Kyle had said he was playing the "vase." And a very nice vase it was. Tall and sort of African-looking.
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