Monday, April 16, 2007

Alex the Wild-Ass Cat Part 2 : The Situation

This story began when we brought Alex the Wild-Ass Cat home from the shelter. He immediately vanished into a hole in the basement wall.

Houdini Alex

Despite the alluring aromas of canned tuna, chicken livers and the most expensive cat food money can buy, Alex refuses to come out. Sometimes in the dead of night, we hear the clang of ductwork, ringing inside the walls. The house is a giant bellows amplifying the sound. At least we know the cat is alive, for now. Tom worries about the future. He graphs time elapsed without food or water and the proportionate acclivity of the rotting flesh smelliness curve.

Tom Breaks Out Power Tools

Tom cuts some big and fruitless holes in the garage drywall.

Tom Masterminds a Better Plan

After Alex’s third day in the wall, Tom stays home from work. He has contemplated and discard multiple schemes including flushing out the cat with smoke. In the end, he calls upon childhood experience with the Indian Guides and goes in for a plan of patience and stealth. Tom sits quietly in the basement, his steely gaze fixed on the hole.

(Keep holding on to your seat. To be continued....)

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