Saturday, May 12, 2007

My Mother's Shit List

My mother has had a Shit List for as long as I can remember. She worries over it. Polishes it to au courant. Keeps it lock-tight and ready in the holster.

As of 5/10/07 : 5pm :
My Mother's Shit List
  1. Paris Hilton. (What an idiot. She should go to jail. Could've killed someone. Driving drunk for Pete's sake.)
  2. Karl Rove. (That Machiavellian puppeteer. He's got his hand up George Bush's ass.)
  3. Tom Cruise. (Leprechaun. Know-it-all Leprechaun.)
  4. The President of Giant Foodstores. (Not carrying Kashi cereal is the last straw.)
  5. Noel Ballentine 'Scheister Doctor.' (And most doctors, for that matter. All the same. White-Coat-God Complex. Doctors.)

Happy Mother's Day, Ma!!!!!

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