Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Why is There a Pancake in the Silverware Drawer?

Two Practically Simultaneous and Equally Tragic Incidents Occurring On or About our Heezie:
  • A hive of carpenter bees, real soulless fucks, has devoured a chunk of house that I really think we need.
  • A 6-inch wide mysterious tower of shit sprawls mid-backyard so we email my reliably sage dad who comes to our informational rescue with the following analysis:
A bear is such an opportunistic eater its scat varies widely as you can see in these attached photos. Raccoons are opportunistic eaters as well, but I think the size eliminates them. With the shape, size, color- I'd say it could be a bear.

Should you desire to review the accompanying photographs and gag a little bit in the name of science, check out my Flickr account.
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